Command Syntax: arcvback

Copyright 2008 by Stephen Vermeulen
Last updated: 2008 Oct 12


This is part of a series of articles on backing up computers. The top page is Design for an Archiving Backup System.

This page describes the command line syntax of the program.


The program is used to prepare manual (on demand) or scripted (perhaps as part of a batch file) backups.

Since this shares the same version database and package files as the Windows ArcvBack Service does it is best to stop the service before using this.


The arcvback program needs to get a lot of configuration information from the config.ini file so it is important to correctly set that up before using arcvback.

Most of the time you should be able to run arcvback without specifying any command line parameters. However, for certain reasons there are some parameters that might be needed. The full command syntax is: [-ini path/config.ini] [-noback] [-flush] [-h] [-test number value]

where items in the square brackets are optional


-ini is used to specify a different configuration file, this can be useful if you need to run different backup jobs from time to time

-noback if this is present then the version database will not be backed up, this is not recommended but you might want to do it when setting up a batch file that runs a small backup job and you don't want to have to wait for the version database to be backed up as well

-flush only rename any backup files that are left from a previous run that got aborted and then exit, this is not really useful for general use its just there for testing

-h prints out a short help summary to remind you of the options

-test number value is used to run some test sequences, refer to the file "" for more information.

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