Command Syntax: arcvpkglist

Copyright 2008 by Stephen Vermeulen
Last updated: 2008 Oct 12


This is part of a series of articles on backing up computers. The top page is Design for an Archiving Backup System.

This page describes the command line syntax of the program.


The program is a utility to examine the contents of a package file to show what files might be recoverable. This is largly used in the last resort case of going to very old media that might have backups of a file that has long since been purged from the database on it

As this program does a full read of all the package files it processes it can be used to perform a media integrity check.


The program gets configuration information from the config.ini file.

The full command syntax is:

arcvpkglist [-h] [-q] archivepath1 [archivepath2 ...]

where items in the square brackets are optional.

The only required parameter is the archivepath1 which is the either a single package file or a directory containing package files the contents of which will be listed.


The -h parameter will bring up a short syntax help prompt and then stop.

The -q parameter turns off the file contents listing (i.e. quiets down the command), the command still reads and tests all the package files and will print a summary of any error that it finds.

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