Command Syntax: arcvrisk

Copyright 2008 by Stephen Vermeulen
Last updated: 2008 Oct 12


This is part of a series of articles on backing up computers. The top page is Design for an Archiving Backup System.

This page describes the command line syntax of the program.


The program is a utility to report on files that may be at risk, this will search the database and list any files that:
  1. have never been backed up
  2. have been backed up in the past, but have been seen to have changed and not been backed up since


The program gets its configuration information from the config.ini file.

The full command syntax is:

arcvrisk [-h]

where items in the square brackets are optional.

If you run it without any parameters it scans the database and prints the risk report to the standard output, just redirect it to a file if you want a copy for future reference. The output is in CSV format so you can load it into a spread sheet for easier viewing.


The -h parameter will bring up a short syntax help prompt and then stop.

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