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General Astronomy

Astronomy Software for the Palm Pilot

The Palm Pilot series of PDAs (including things like the Sony Clies) make a great portable starchart. Here are some of the packages:
  • AstroInfo which is freeware and has a night vision mode [2375]
  • Planetarium (also called Pilot Planets) which is shareware, its more polished than AstroInfo and also has a night vision mode. I run a copy of this on my Sony SJ30 (which has a colour hi-res display) and the night vision mode (which sets the display to use shades of red) works very nicely (you just use the screen's brightness control to set the level that's right for you). I have used this in Rome (Italy), Calgary (Canada) and Kauai (Hawaii) (but only for naked-eye observing) so I'm confident the corrections for observing position and time zone work! Very nice software. By the way, Hawaii has great skys for naked eye observing, they are very clear and there is little light pollution to worry about. [2376]

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