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The ASUS P5E Motherboard

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  • 2010-Jul-29: Painting your car pink might deter thieves. [9332]
  • 2010-Jun-08: Audi and BMW are looking into improving traffic flow by communicating light change times to the drivers - essentially encouraging drivers to speed up or slow down a bit so they run in sync with the traffic lights. Of course the problem with this is that only a few drivers, out of many, are capable of following instructions... [9184]
  • 2009-Dec-28: Eko Vehicles in India are going to produce the ET-120, a hybrid motorcycle. This might actually work pretty well in India where the traffic is very much stop, wait and crawl. [8877]
  • 2009-Oct-31: The Aptera Electric Type 1, is a pretty exotic looking 3-wheeled electric car, due to be sold first in California in 2008. Google has invested $2.75 million to help get this rolling. It is a bit late, but now (Jan'09) Aptera has reached the pre-production stage and are promising first shipments in October, they have an "interested" list 4000 people long. Now how do you fit a pair of 200cm skis into one of these? More info on this is leaking out. In Oct'09 it looked like Aptera might get some of the energy-efficient vehicle grants to commercialize it. [4479]
  • 2009-Oct-13: The Robin returns, now BMW is looking into a 3-wheeler. [8623]
  • 2009-Sep-28: A 2009 Malibu takes on a 1959 Bel Air sedan in an offset crash test. Sobering stuff, but it shows the modern auto is a lot safer. [8569]
  • 2009-Jul-20: The $2500 car from Tata India is shown here and discussed here on Slashdot. My gut feeling is this will be a disaster for India, already their roads are over crowded and converting masses of small motorbikes to hordes of small cars is only going to make the situation worse - welcome to the 24 hour grid lock India! This car is due to go on sale Monday March 23, 2009 - another small step down the world to global crisis. In mid-July the first Nano was actually sold, they had to hold a lottery to select the first 100,000 purchasers. [4639]
  • 2009-Jun-15: Riversimple is attempting to build a high-mileage (300mpg) car out of carbon composites and drive it with a hydrogen fuel cell. They hope to design this in an open-source fashion. Discussed here on Slashdot. [8143]
  • 2009-Mar-09: Piaggio is claiming up to 141MPG from a hybrid scooter. This is to reach the USA in early 2010. [7190]
  • 2009-Feb-05: The Progressive Automotive X-Prize is starting to produce some results, including some eye-catching car designs. [7541]
  • 2008-Nov-14: PickupPal, a web service for sharing rides in Canada has been fined, looks like the bus companies were concerned about competition. [7219]
  • 2008-Oct-08: The Peugeot HY motion3 Compressor is a semi-enclosed, three-wheeled, scooter than can do 118MPG. [6995]
  • 2008-Jul-07: VW is planning a 2-seater high mileage car for 2010, this is supposed to achieve 100km/L fuel economy. For some strange reason they think this will not be a best seller and are only intending to produce limited quantities. Unless they are intending to price it at an outrageous price (which I can't see happening given that it does not have an expensive hybrid drive system) this really is going to be a roaring success. Now VW is planning to build a limited number of these in 2010. [6082]
  • 2008-Jun-11: In the name of efficiency we could be returning to the age of the Citroen 2CV. [6317]
  • 2008-May-27: Buses could be used as mobile sensing platforms, keeping an eye on traffic congestion, road conditions, road surface conditions and with more cameras the city around them. Of course this will never happen because the unions will not allow a device to be installed in a bus that could be used to directly monitor the activities of one of their members. [6235] [1]
  • 2008-May-02: A look at the potential entrants for the Automotive X-Prize. [6024]
  • 2008-Jan-31: The HumanCar, for $15K you can have a bicycle built for four. From the description it sounds like it includes additional power assisted drive for when your kids refuse to pedal anymore. [5025]
  • 2008-Jan-09: How the compressed air car made by Tata India can get 120 miles of range - one horse power. Just keep it on the flat. [4622]
  • 2007-Dec-21: The odd physics of traffic jams. [4480]
  • computer models to predict traffic congestion. [3530]
  • Oregon is considering using GPS systems to track actual vehicle mileage driven in the state and tax on that basis rather than on fuel usage. [3529]
  • Caterpillar tracks for your pickup or other vehicle [3528]
  • for vehicle history reports [3527]
  • [3526]
  • The AutoTrader [3525]
  • The Kelly Blue Book [3524]
  • [3523]
  • Slashdot discusses traffic jams, in particular the self-sustaining, standing wave type that will spontaneously form on freeways for no apparent reason. In a later article researchers in Japan set up an experiment where they reproduced this sort of effect on a test track with real cars and drivers. [1842] [1]

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