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Last updated: 2010 Oct 25
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  • 2010-Oct-25: Looks like hot cargo holds can lead to lithium batteries igniting, and this is believed to be the cause of at least one 747 crash. [9431]
  • 2010-May-17: Sanyo's Eneloop batteries are supposed to maintain up to 70% charge after 3 years of storage and last 1500 charge cycles. Engadget has mentioned these a number of times, including this comparison review. [8692]
  • 2009-Dec-16: Slashdot discusses the price difference between lithium ion batteries intended for laptops and power tools. [8852]
  • 2009-Nov-12: Engadget tried out the PowerGenix NiZn rechargeable batteries and liked them a lot. Note these have a higher peak voltage than normal NiMH batteries. [8733]
  • 2008-Jun-25: PopPhoto runs a comparison of AA batteries (both regular and rechargeable). They perform a rather screwy cost comparison: they base the cost of the rechargeables on a single use (rather than say 100 recharges) - even with this handicap rechargeables are almost the same price as disposables (though they should be about a factor of 100 less!). It is interesting to see that for digital photography the NiMH rechargeable battery always has more capacity than the one-use battery (with the exception of the more expensive one use lithium batteries). As well, their test shows that the claimed mAh capacity ratings of rechargeable batteries are not a very accurate guide, for example the Polaroid 1800mAh was the lowest claimed capacity, but it solidly out performed the Kodak 2400mAh battery. [6427]
  • 2008-Jan-27: The Maha MH-C9000 WizardOne is an intelligent AA/AAA battery charger. This has four independent charging circuits, so different sizes and capacities can be charged at the same time. It also has a number of special cycles, including a discharge, a refresh (combined top-up, discharge, recharge) and a break-in cycle (for batteries that have lost their full capacity). It is reviewed here and here. In Calgary it is available at MemoryExpress. [5000] [1]
  • sells third party replacements for a lot of camcorder and digital camera lithium rechargeable batteries. For the Sony NP-F550 this is their replacement. [5891]
  • Only Batteries has a lot of rechargable batteries, including true C and D cells (i.e. not the typical AA concealed in a C or D size housing). [3183]
  • has a good selection of batteries and chargers.  They even have the hard to find 9V lithium batteries that are great for smoke detectors. also has a good selection. [3182]
  • Delkin Devices also makes batteries for cameras, including the NP-400 for the Minolta A2. [3181]
  • GoldPeak Batteries makes a lot of replacement battery packs for digital cameras. [3180]
  • Vidtek Battery Canada has a wide range of replacement batteries, including the Minolta A2 and the Sony Clie PDAs [3179]
  • Intelligent Batteries Inc. has a lot of replacement battery packs. [3178]

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