The Java Programming Language

Last Updated 16 Nov 07
Copyright 2007 by Stephen Vermeulen

Notes about Java.

3D Graphics

PDF Files

Possible approaches to create PDF files from within a Java program:


  • JGraph Diagram component: JGraph is the most powerful, lightweight, feature-rich, and thoroughly documented open-source graph component available for Java. It is accompanied by JGraphpad, the first free diagram editor for Java that offers XML, Drag and Drop and much more! It has been updated (Oct'04) to version 5.1
  • Jung Jave Universal Network / Graph Framework
  • jxProject is a project management tool in Java


Sun has a page of suggested toolbar icons that have been designed with the Java look and feel in mind.

Sun is starting to open up the interface to the desktop from Java


There are quite a number of books on Java, the ones I have bought and used are:


  • Could Java be faster than C++? In this the author notes that using the server JVM instead of the client JVM improves performance greatly. To run the server JVM you can either include the -server command line parameter, as in:
java -server -jar beanshell.jar

or else modify the jvm.cfg file in your Java installation. (It's a text file, so you can use Notepad or Emacs to edit it.) This is located in C:\Program Files\Java\j2reXXX\lib\i386\ on Windows, /usr/java/j2reXXX/lib/i386/ on Linux. You will see two lines:

-client KNOWN
-server KNOWN

You should change them to:

-server KNOWN
-client KNOWN

This change will cause the server VM to be run for all applications, unless they are run with the -client argument.

JAVA Applets

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