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The 2008 US abd Canadian elections both made some use of the internet, perhaps the first significant use of this media for political purposes. Perhaps we are standing at the door to a new form of democracy?

Various political items

  • 2009-Jul-02: The Guardian newspaper in the UK is looking to use crowd sourcing to dig up the dirt on MP's expenses (discussed here on Slashdot). A proposal to do something similar in the USA. This article goes into some depth about how they accomplished this and were able to role it out in a very rapid manner using Django (a powerful Python-based web framework) and Amazon's EC2 cloud of servers. [8169]
  • 2009-May-22: change.gov puts the Obama plan on line for all to see. Looks like a good start. In May'09 the U.S. Federal Government launched their new data.gov web site. [7167]
  • 2008-Nov-09: Slashdot discusses how social software can improve democracy. [7174]
  • Different types of voting systems for national elections, of course in Canada if you live in the West, your vote never elects the national government. This is because about 70% of the population lives in the East and the polls close at the same local time across the country. So by the time the polls have closed in the East the ruling party has been selected - without a single vote from the West being counted. We should really have the polls close across the country simultaneously to eliminate this odd fact. [5633]
  • Its possible to build and deploy an electronic voting system correctly. [2027] [1]

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