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Last updated: 2010 May 31
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A number of significant software programs have been written in, or make significant use of Python (such as using it as their scripting language).

  • 2010-May-31: Ren'Py is a visual novel engine to support the programming of graphical games and stories. Perhaps one might be able to use it to story board software prototypes? [9155]
  • 2010-Mar-11: PiCloud is a cloud-computing solution for Python, a brief introduction to it can be found here. [9009]
  • 2009-Oct-23: Mozilla's Raindrop could be a competitor to Google's Wave, this is currently built using couchdb for the storage component and the back end is implemented in Python. [8644] [1]
  • 2009-Aug-26: tex is a module for converting LaTeX or TeX source to PDF or DVI format output. [8420]
  • 2009-May-29: hg-wiki a wiki that is based on Mercurial. [8058]
  • 2009-May-28: KOffice 2.0.0 will allow you to write extensions in Python. [8050]
  • 2009-May-22: UploadFu is a package of tools for Bittorrent uploads. [8020]
  • 2008-Dec-14: Pyaudiolab, a module for making sound with numpy. Now listed on PyPI here. [527]
  • 2008-Sep-04: httpripper is a ripper for the web implemented as an http proxy. [6797]
  • 2008-Aug-11: vleech is a video leecher script for sites like youtube. [6663]
  • 2008-Jun-24: yml2tex is a Python script that can generate a LaTeX Beamer presentation out of a YAML file. Yet another way of making slide show like presentations. [6420]
  • 2008-Jun-20: pySniffer is a TCP/IP port sniffer written in Python. [6397]
  • 2008-Jun-13: Doxygen, a cross-platform, JavaDoc-like documentation system for C++, C, Objective-C, C#, Java, IDL, Python, and PHP. Doxygen can be used to generate an on-line class browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line reference manual (in LaTeX or RTF) from a set of source files. Doxygen can also be configured to extract the code-structure from undocumented source files. This includes dependency graphs, class diagrams and hyperlinked source code. This type of information can be very useful to quickly find your way in large source distributions.

    doxypy is an input filter for Doxygen. [523]

  • 2008-May-13: Bruce is a Presentation Tool for Python programmers. Version 2.0 is now appearing on the cheese shop and here on Google code. Some thoughts on where this is going. [526]
  • 2008-May-13: pyspread is a wxPython spreadsheet (project home page here) that uses Python expressions for cell formulas. [5850]
  • 2008-Apr-17: A Python implementation of the old UNIX fortune program. [5838]
  • 2008-Mar-30: AstroGrid is a virtual observatory system funded by the UK. There is a Python interface to this called astrogrid. [5358] [1]
  • 2008-Mar-14: The Devil Framework (from DLevel Software Design) is a framework for configuration, management (data collection, monitoring and control) of a distributed network of systems. This may be applicable to the SCADA system problem, how to collect, process and display a series of events being received from PLCs. [5228] [1]
  • 2008-Feb-27: picurl is an application (written in Python) that attempts to unify a set of separate photo storage sites (including disks, removable media and web based photo sharing sites) with the goal of making photo storage, query and access uniform. [5178] [1]
  • 2008-Feb-25: TuxFighter is an implementation of the classic Astroids game in Python using the pygame module. [5159]
  • 2008-Feb-10: Editra is a multi-platform text editor written in Python using wxPython for the interface. Here on the cheese shop. [5077]
  • 2008-Feb-10: emailfilter, some Python scripts to filter email and tag them with "X-" header lines. [5074]
  • 2008-Feb-07: plasTeX (home page) is a LaTeX document processing framework written in Python. [5062]
  • 2008-Jan-13: The source code for SimCity has been released under GPLv3 - the open version will be called Micropolis. It has been partially rewritten so that its now a mix of C++ and Python. This will be part of the OLPC project too. [4665] [1]
  • 2007-Nov-30: dupfilefind, a utility to find duplicate files. [4215]
  • 2007-Nov-02: A prototype of a fold explorer, this allows one to view how the document is logically structured. Potentially useful in the context of editing program source code. [3916]
  • 2007-Oct-18: A webcast that talks about using Resolver (a cross between a spreadsheet and Python programming environment) to make dynamic, form-oriented, web pages. A write up of what Resolver does, and how it might be used. [2229]
  • 2007-Sep-13: Wammu is a mobile phone manager, the front end is written in wxPython and the back end is Gammu. [1884]
  • 2007-Aug-24: One developer's positive experience switching from emacs to Eclipse using PyDev [525]
  • 2007-Aug-24: The Farpy GUIE, a GUI editor for wxWidgits and IronPython [524]
  • 2007-Aug-24: MMA, Musical MIDI Accompaniment generator [522]
  • 2007-Aug-24: StarPy is a python interface for the Asterisk PBX. [521]
  • 2007-Aug-24: FastTrack, a project progress monitoring tool [520]
  • 2007-Aug-24: ruby2shoes, combines Emacs and Python to create a sophisticated writing environment for screenplay and fiction writers. Emacs' modes are used to create .sp or .fc files. Spirit, a Python application, then archives these files, converts them to text, HTML or LaTeX, or prints them in a variety of ways. [519]
  • 2007-Aug-24: TaskCoach, an open-source todo manager [518]
  • 2007-Aug-24: Python task planner, a resource planner that takes CSV files as input and can produce Gantt charts as output (in HTML pages) [517]
  • 2007-Aug-24: faces, a powerful and flexible project management tool. It not only offers many extraordinary features like multiple resource balancing algorithms and multi scenario planing, but can also be easily extended and customized. Faces consists of a Python class framework and a graphical front-end. License: GNU General Public License (GPL) [516]
  • 2007-Aug-24: Python Sudoku [515]
  • 2007-Aug-24: NewEdit, a text editor written in wxPython [514]
  • 2007-Aug-24: PyScrabble, a multiple-player Scrabble server [513]
  • 2007-Aug-24: ll-make, a make utility written in Python [512]
  • 2007-Aug-24: pyDirStat, a program for displaying information about the files in a directory in a graphical fashion [511]
  • 2007-Aug-24: webgobbler, (home page) downloads random images from the web and mixes them, applying various effects (like emboss, negative, mirror...) this can also be used as a screen saver or desktop wallpaper. [510]
  • 2007-Aug-24: UliPad is a programmer's text editor written in wxPython [509]
  • 2007-Aug-24: HippoDraw, is a plotting / data-visualization package written in Python but requiring the Qt library [508]
  • 2007-Aug-24: Leo, an outlining editor for programmers, written in Python [507]

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