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Backup Software written in Python

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Last updated: 2008 Oct 12
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A number of file synchronization and backup software packages have been written in Python.

  • 2008-Aug-22: pysync is an implementation of the rsync algorithm in Python. [6722] [1]
  • 2008-Apr-16: Thoughts on a script to archive critical files. [5828] [1]
  • 2008-Apr-11: A simple Python script to backup files in a directory tree. [5768] [1] [2]
  • 2007-Aug-25: ArcvBack is a backup program I wrote for backing up key directories on a small LAN. It runs a very long series of incremental backups on top of an initial full backup, this makes it run very fast on most days, except when the full backup to start a new cycle is done. It has the further advantage that you can restore files from any incremental since the start of the cycle. [580] [1]
  • 2007-Aug-24: Arnie, a simple backup system written in Python [417] [1]
  • 2007-Aug-24: can, a simple incremental backup program in Python, very similar to the UNIX tar utility [418] [1]
  • 2007-Aug-24: Cedar Backup, a backup program written in Python [419] [1]
  • 2007-Aug-24: sync2cd, a tool for incremental archiving to CD/DVD [420] [1]

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