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Last updated: 2010 Sep 15
Image Processing in Python

3d allowing amp call class cloud comp creating dec def drop editor examples exist framework freshmeat game gmane hr ideas implementation improve india info introduce layer led licensing life mac mail nokia object oct platforms provide putting pythonlibrary radio return right sept sounds switching topics tree viewing voidspace window worth wrapper yaml
A number of libraries exist to allow one to write graphical user interface based applications in Python. Some of these are quite cross-platform capable, allowing Python to be used as a possible alternative to Java.

  • 2010-Sep-15: Radical Breeze makes a visual programming tool called Illumination Software Creator that produces programs that can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Maemo, Flex and Andriod. There's an interview with the creator of Illumination Bryan Lunduke on the Python411 Podacast here that's quite informative. It sounds like it might be a good way to introduce kids to programming (even sounding a bit like AmigaVision) and Illumination might even make for a good prototyping tool. [9369] [1]
  • 2010-Aug-06: Using wxPython and Mplayer to play movies. [9343]
  • 2010-Aug-06: A pair of short examples of using Qt (via PyQt) to play audio and video. [9342]
  • 2010-Jul-15: The Dialogs of wxPython takes a look at examples of a lot of the dialogs that wxPython supports. [9301]
  • 2010-Jul-15: An Introduction to PyQt creating GUIs with Python's QT bindings [6895]
  • 2010-Jun-25: and then create wxPython code for the design. [6647]
  • 2008-Jul-17: urwid is a console (i.e. text-based) user interface library. [6535]
  • 2008-Jun-11: dabo (home page here) is a 3-tier framework for desktop database applications. This also includes a wrapper layer for wxPython (called dabo.ui) that can be used separately. [6316] [1]
  • 2008-Mar-06: HyperCard, Python, Views... some discussion of how wxPython is used to provide a configurable GUI in the DevilFramework and some thoughts on HyperCard. [5232]
  • 2008-Feb-27: A look at the various Python GUI programming platforms for Windows is worth a read, it gives you a brief code snippit for each along with a summary of their various strengths and weaknesses. [5175] [1]
  • 2007-Dec-19: XRCWidgets is a GUI development framework, for Python with wxWidgets, that stores the GUI description in an XML file. [4473]
  • 2007-Dec-14: uxPython is a new (end of 2007) cross platform GUI toolkit for Python. [4431]
  • 2007-Dec-10: wxAnyThread provides a decorator that allows you to call wxPython methods from any thread, not just the main GUI thread. [4406]
  • 2007-Nov-06: pyFLTK a Python wrapper for the FLTK and FLTK2 cross platform GUI toolkits. [4037]
  • 2007-Oct-03: A simple LED component for wxPython displays. It has some cute use of ASCII art to encode the actual image data, a more complete example of this XPM format can be seen here. My version of wx.Colour did not have the GetAsString() function, so I wrote a trivial replacement:
    def getAsXPMRGB(wxcolour):
        return "#%02x%02x%02x" % wxcolour.Get()
    [2423] [1]
  • 2007-Sep-08: meide is a wxPython user interface creation library, in Sept'07 this was in its infancy. [1642]
  • 2007-Aug-23: Food File, a nutrition program written in wxPython, this can be downloaded from Google Code. [159]
  • 2007-Aug-23: Using the Flex UI from Python [158]
  • 2007-Aug-23: EasyDialogs for Windows, announced here. [157]
  • 2007-Aug-23: peppy, an approximation of XEmacs written in Python with the wx.aui framework. [156]
  • 2007-Aug-23: The Event Pattern, an extension to the classic model-view-controller [155]
  • 2007-Aug-23: Flightdeck-UI, takes the ideas behind airplane instrumentation and brings them to the computer GUI [154]
  • 2007-Aug-23: Wax is another toolkit for GUIs in Python (its a layer on top of wxPython), here is a simple image displaying application written in it. [153]
  • 2007-Aug-23: Using matplotlib from within wxPython [152]
  • 2007-Aug-23: wxPython is a free cross-platform GUI toolkit built on wxWidgets. It gets discussed here. Links to some particular wxPython topics:
    1. Threading with wxPython
    2. Checkboxes and radio buttons with wxPython
    3. wxFontview, a program for viewing the characters of different fonts
    4. changing the menu bar's background colour
    5. comments on the strangeness of the wx.DateTime class
    6. wrapping the world projection of the FloatCanvas (which is a wxPython widgit for displaying a world map - this is included in the wxPython demo). The mailing list for FloatCanvas.
    7. wxPropertyGrid is a property sheet object
    8. Using wxPython to receive dragged emails from Thunderbird
    9. a number of additional widgets for wxPython can be found on Infinity 77
    10. wxTayLayout
  • 2007-Aug-23: PyGUI, a cross-platform Python GUI project, this seems to be based on the Gtk library [150]
  • 2007-Aug-23: Gaphas is a diagramming widget based on GTK+ [149]
  • 2007-Aug-23: GTK+ (a GUI widget system) can be used from Python [148]
  • 2007-Aug-23: Pmw - Python Mega Widgets, a GUI toolkit for building hiher-level compound widgets, including interface to the BLT graph package [147]

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