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Waxing Cross Country Skis

Copyright 2010 by Stephen Vermeulen
Last updated: 2010 Dec 01
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Notes on Waxing

This page contains some notes on waxing cross country skis for the classic Nordic technique (kick and glide). My skiing experience is centered on sites within about 200km of Calgary (in western Canada). This region tends to have very cold, dry, conditions so a lot of the European focus on waxing for "wet snow" only applies near the end of our ski season.

Other Related Pages

  • 2010-Dec-01: Saul's Simple Waxing System for Classic Cross Country Skis, in the first part he talks about sizing skis for proper glide and grip and reviews how temperature, time and humidity affect snow. In part 2 he discusses general properties of waxes. Part 3 talks about applying grip and klister waxes. Part 4 takes a look at a simple liquid glide wax. [9443]
  • 2010-Dec-01: Sauls's Cross Country Ski Base Repair and Restoration is a video that covers repair and restoration of cross country ski bases. [9442]
  • 2010-Dec-01: Saul's Advanced Waxing Technique is a video that covers base preparation and glide waxing for cross country skis. [9441]
  • 2009-Jan-12: SKI*GO (also SKI*GO Canada) makes ski waxes, including some for cold conditions on hard (aggressive) snow. Their Racing Universal wax (90245) is a high fluoro kick wax for all snow except new snow, to be applied in 4-6 layers. This is supposed to be good on man-made snow (such as we have at the Canmore Nordic Center - CNC), see their racing wax table. I have used this wax at temperatures from -25C to +3C at CNC with very good results, this includes the CNC's Lynx trail (which is an intermediate, heavily groomed, man-made snow trail) and Banff and Bow trails (which are mostly natural snow), on all these trails I can stride up all the hills with it. This wax also appears to work well (perhaps with slightly less grip) on new snow. [7304]
  • 2008-Dec-07: START makes a variety of waxes, including a set for old snow. [7305]

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