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Making a USB charger cable for a Palm Tungsten TX

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Television News and Shows

  • 2010-Jun-25: Some very early appearances of the muppets were in IBM training videos. [9252]
  • 2009-Dec-25: A review about what's wrong with the Star Wars The Phantom Menace? [8871]
  • 2009-Oct-11: An episode guide for Last of the Summer Wine. [8621]
  • 2009-Sep-05: The Prisoner is going to be remade. That's a pretty tough act to follow. [8476]
  • 2009-Jun-16: An episode guide for The 4400. [8154]
  • 2009-Jun-11: The episode guide for Stargate Atlantis. [8132]
  • 2009-Jun-08: The episode guide for Torchwood, a Dr. Who spin off. [8101]
  • 2009-May-10: Castle is a pretty good detective show, an episode list is here. [7959]
  • 2009-Apr-26: The Two and a Half Men episode guide. [7906]
  • 2009-Apr-12: Red Dwarf Returns for a three part episode in April'09. [7865]
  • 2009-Apr-10: Reaper might be interesting. [7862]
  • 2009-Apr-10: Being Human might be good. [7861]
  • 2009-Apr-06: Better Off Ted might be good. [7834]
  • 2009-Apr-04: The Dollhouse episode guide. [7829]
  • 2009-Mar-29: Star Trek: Enterprise episode list. [7805]
  • 2009-Mar-21: Chuck is a light spy show, sort of a Nakita or Alias with a dose of Nerd humor. [7758]
  • 2009-Mar-08: M*A*S*H episode list. [7705]
  • 2009-Mar-08: Star Trek: The Next Generation episode list. [7704]
  • 2009-Mar-08: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode list. [7703]
  • 2009-Mar-07: StarGate SG1 episodes list. [7702]
  • 2009-Mar-07: Star Trek: The Original Series, episode list. [7701]
  • 2009-Feb-27: GeexBoX is a distro focused on turning PCs into HTPCs, it even provides a tool to build your own customized ISO image to boot from. [7659] [1]
  • 2009-Feb-27: The Neuros Link (discussed here on Slashdot) is a small form factor HTPC running a custom Ubuntu Linux distro. It will be priced at $300, which is pretty much at the low end of what you could build yourself. The system I build around the Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H board works very well as an HTPC, and as the Neuros system is based on a very similar motherboard I would expect that (with the right device drivers) it also works very well. [7658]
  • 2009-Feb-20: The new Battlestar Galactica is much better than the original. [7566]
  • 2009-Feb-16: The Heroes Wikipedia page. [7597]
  • 2009-Feb-13: BoxeeBox is a netowrk video download and display system based on Linux. [7582] [1]
  • 2009-Feb-13: miro is an web TV application that is at least partially written in Python. In early 2009 Miro made it to version 2.0. [4153] [1]
  • 2009-Feb-12: Make Magazine are taking a shot at a television version, this is shown on PBS and they are making episodes available for torrent download (see The first episode was reasonably interesting, reminding me a bit of the old Junkyard Wars - except without the competition. [7428] [1]
  • 2009-Feb-12: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, with all the effort Lucas is pouring into this thing you would think he could hire some animators that can actually make humans walk and run naturally. [7567]
  • 2009-Feb-12: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. [7565]
  • 2008-Jul-26: If you thought that different HiDef channels (or shows) looked different you're not imagining things, apparently there are large differences in image qualities between HD stations these days. [6584]
  • 2008-May-19:

    Season six, more farce. The Allo' Allo' series is great source of cheap laughs.
    Wikipedia has an episode list.
  • 2008-May-08: TV-Series Current Info, this recipe will get the airing dates for a particular TV show using IMDbPY. [6072] [1]
  • 2008-May-06: The List of house episodes from Wikipedia. [6056]
  • 2008-Apr-28: Is television the cause of the downfall of modern society? Is it right to be wasting all that time watching sitcoms? What about the man hours lost to the World of Warcraft? [5984] [1]
  • 2008-Mar-18: The BBC's Yes, Minister and the followup Yes, Prime Minister are some of the best political satires every to appear on the small screen. Notable quotes from these can be found here, including my favorite about the minutes of meetings:
    It is characteristic of all committee discussions and decisions that every member has a vivid recollection of them, and that every member's recollection of them differs violently from every other member's recollection; consequently we accept the convention that the official decisions are those and only those which have been officially recorded in the minutes by the officials; from which it emerges with elegant inevitability, that any decision which has been officially reached would have been officially recorded in the minutes by the officials, and any decision which is not recorded in the minutes has not been officially reached, even if one or more members believe they can recollect it; so in this particular case, if the decision would have been officially reached, it would have been recorded in the minutes by the officials and it isn't, so it wasn't.
    - Sir Humphrey, Man Overboard (Yes, Prime Minister)
  • 2008-Jan-23: The HP MediaSmart TV series is an interesting fusion of media player and TV. Its sort of into its second generation now, and probably needs a another generation to get the product sorted out. [4984]
  • 2008-Jan-13: The Dresden Files is a good, captivating, cross between the detective show and the occult. The Wikipedia write up is here and the IMDB covers it here and since its good, it got canceled at the end of the first season. This is somewhat loosely based on the novels by Jim Butcher. [4668]
  • 2008-Jan-08: DirecTV is going to produce a PC satellite tuner box, apparently it has dual tuners and hooks up to your PC via USB (but it also has an ethernet jack, so maybe it can do more?). [4609]
  • Firefly, a new sci-fi TV show (a fan site), maybe it with better Babylon5? [5923]

  • One of the best American sit comms, pity the disks don't have much in the way of extras. has a very good episode guide.

  • Classic.

  • This is supposed to be a very good spanish dance flick.

  • [3299]

  • [3298]
  • Primeval from ITV in the UK is a pretty good spin on the "dinosaurs invade Britian" theme, and it has got a nice twist right at the end. The list of episodes. [3296]
  • DigitalHome discusses the tech scene in Canada [3295]
  • Doctor Who, the Wikipedia episode list [3294]
  • The Vicar of Dibley, a great show with Dawn French, who also did a great job in Murder Most Horrid, which aired in four seasons [3293]
  • Coupling (a BBC sit com that knocks the skirts of Sex in the City) episode guide [3292]
  • Battlestar Galactica (the new series) episode guide, another guide that prints a bit better. [3291]
  • StarTrek Enterprise, is pretty good Trek, here is an episode guide [3290]
  • Making sense of the brave new world of digital television [3289]
  • The Space Channel in Canada [3288]
  • Warner is looking at releasing some classic TV shows for free viewing over the internet (paid for by 2 minutes of commercial breaks every 1/2 hour) [3287]
  • in Dec'06 the BBC announced that is going to make some programs available for free download [3286]
  • The BBC is opening its TV archive to remixers [3285]
  • The short lived Serenity series is going to the big screen in Sept'05, here is the trailer [3284]
  • The Knock is quite a good police drama show about the British customs and excise department. Thief Takers is another British crime drama show. [3283]
  • Stark Raving Mad is a quirky commedy that never ran its full season (like FireFly). The star, Tony Shalhoub, also has the lead role as a rather mad detective in Monk. [3282]
  • The Detectives a wonderful British police drama spoof [3281]
  • Rough Science what happens when Junk Yard wars meets Survivor [3280]
  • NASA TV, TV for the really bored [3279]

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