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Last Updated  17 Nov 07
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For keeping up to date with the latest industry news and reviews of PC hardware these are the sites I keep returning to:
  • Slashdot has lots of odd information, plus tends to do quite a bit with space and general science news.
  • AnandTech good PC hardware site, has a running digest of whats new on many other similar sites
  • The Register good for general industry wide gossip, rumors and innuendo
  • Storage Review good for comparitive reviews of hard drives, cdroms and DVDs.  Has a very useful searchable performance database, allowing you to compare todays new drive with your old clunker and weep!
  • CDR-Info is all about CDR and related technologies and software
  • X-bit Labs for reviews and news
  • Adrian's Rojak Pot has a number of nice references for BIOS, RAID and a collection of reviews
  • The Linux Daily News portal site
  • AMDBoard focuses on the various AMD based motherboards
  • has quite a good assortment of reviews (not just on motherboards)
  • focuses on USB news and information
These pages focus on various computer topics of interest to me.

Remote Access Computing

VNC is a very useful piece of software (now supported by RealVNC) that allows you to control one computer from another's desktop.  It is free, source code is available, it is quite small and is available on many platforms. It also allows you to control a PC from a UNIX box or visa versa. In fact you could even access your PC's desktop from a PalmPilot (since the Pilot's screen is so much smaller that the average PC this is really a technical curiosity, but it works and may occasionally be useful). In fact, this software is a lot like Norton's PC-Anywhere except its free and works many places Norton's will not. Another project called TightVNC exists (reviewed here) that is working to improve VNC's performance over bandwidth limited connections. Here's a simple "macro" capability for automating a VNC session. Recently (1 Feb 01) a web based service from to do this has also shown up. It appears that webex and Control-F1 also have similar technologies. vncrec is a tool to record VNC server sessions as a movie. CamStudio is another package that can be used for capturing screen sequences. A guide to capturing a screen sequence and saving it as flash using vnc2swf,  there is another guide to this here which also mentions using the Windows Media Encoder package to do the same thing (but producing larger files). Here is another guide, this time using pyvnc2swf on a Linux system.

ThinkNic is a diskless workstation aimed at the internet terminal niche.  For US$199.00 and no more fees it sounds rather interesting. Here is an artical on using these to run some form of Linux.


Here are some reviews of notebooks etc. that have caught my eye:






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