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USB Devices

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This page is the start of a tree of computer related information, hardware, software, programming, construction...

For keeping up to date with the latest industry news and reviews of PC hardware these are the sites I keep returning to:

  • Slashdot has lots of odd information, plus tends to do quite a bit with space and general science news.
  • The Register good for general industry wide gossip, rumors and innuendo (and other chatter).
  • AnandTech good PC hardware site, has a running digest of whats new on many other similar sites.
  • Storage Review good for comparative reviews of hard drives, cdroms and DVDs. Has a very useful searchable performance database, allowing you to compare todays new drive with your old clunker and weep!
  • CDR-Info is all about CDR and related technologies and software.
  • X-bit Labs for reviews and news.
  • Adrian's Rojak Pot has a number of nice references for BIOS, RAID and a collection of reviews.
  • The Linux Daily News portal site.
  • AMDBoard focuses on the various AMD based motherboards.
  • has quite a good assortment of reviews (not just on motherboards).
  • focuses on USB news and information.
These are my pages that provide more in depth information on various subtopics:

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